Wednesday, January 9, 2013

110220 Volts – DVD Home Theatre System (Region Free)

With more individuals becoming serious towards their home viewing experience, the advancement in DVD Home Theater System (Region Free) has increased dramatically. A theater system provides one with the ultimate cinema experience in the comfort of there own living room. The advantage of a region free DVD Home Theater system is that it can be played in any region in the world. It is fully compatible.

110220 Volts offers a wide range of home theater systems

Currently 110220 Volts are offering immaculate deigns of home theater systems. They have products of all major brands which include JVC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Toshiba and many more.

One of the leading home theatre systems in the market which is offered by 110220 Volts is the Pioneer DVD-CD-CDR-RW-MP-3 Home Theater System

The first thing you would notice about this particular home theater system is its eye catching design. It comes with five surround sound speakers, a head unit for the DVD’s and a powered sub-woofer, producing sounds of over 1000 watts.
This system has been incorporated with the latest optical drive technology which reads the most popular video formats on DVD and also includes the option to write DVD’s direct of your TV.
Its unique features which include advanced sound options, sub-woofer incorporated with an amplifier, universal remote and its universal remote make it the most practical home system in the market today. This system has been well thought out during the design process to offer both the looks and functionality. A product which was eagerly awaited amongst many home theater lovers has now been fulfilled.

This amazing work of art can be found at 110220 Volts

110220 Volts is currently offering the Pioneer DVD-CD-CDR-RW-MP-3 Home Theater System at the most competitive price in the market. For more information go to DVD Home Theater System(Region Free)

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